“Quarantine period without children would be easy” is heard saying these days.

Spending the Quarantine at home living with young kids can be very difficult. They do not understand what is happening and need much more activity – mental and physical – than adults.

For this reason, we have compiled 50 indoor games that we can easily carry out with them and thus try to make this strange moment more bearable.

Homemade sponge cake for your kids

Prepare a sponge cake or any homemade recipe with the ingredients you have at home.

Play a Shadow Theater

Cut out silhouettes of cardboard and stick them on a stick. Take out the flashlight and … let the magic work!

Record a theatrical video

Think of an idea, choose the characters, and record a funny scene, advertisement, or sketch.

Play balloon volleyball

If you have a balloon, blow it up and host a volleyball game in the living room.

Pick up a board game

The Parcheesi, the Monopoly, the Scattergories … Dust off that board game you loved and laugh.

Play gestures or movies

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